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Hardwood Urns


Wood Urns: Timeless Appeal

The natural warmth and beauty of wood is reflected in hardwood cremation urns. The distinct graining patterns of different wood species, combined with hand-rubbed stains and finishes, ensure that every hardwood urn is as individual as the life it celebrates.

Fredericksburg cherry with cross ornament

Fredericksburg cherry with Praying Hands ornament


Fredericksburg Dual Capacity


Fredericksburg Cherry


Fredericksburg cherry with rose ornament


Fredericksburg cherry with angel ornament


Jefferson mahogany


Flora Maple




Shaded Oak

Rosebud Oak with rose ornament


Dogwood Oak with dogwood ornament


Stained Poplar


Minimum Oak


Providence Maple


Cherry Memento


Franklin Cherry


Monroe Oak


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Aurora Hardwood Urns, Batesville Options Hardwood Urns and Kelco Infinity Hardwood Urns provide the highest brand name quality hardwood cremation urns in the funeral and cremation industry.

Funeral homes often charge excessive amounts to obtain the high workmanship and quality of these brand name hardwood urns. At Urn, the Internet's largest urn provider, we bring these brand named hardwood cremation urns direct to you, at guaranteed wholesale prices.

Hardwood urns can be purchased full-size or as keepsakes. Full-size hardwood cremation urns are designed to hold the ashes of an average adult. Keepsake hardwood cremation urns are intended as memorials for more than one family member, each containing a portion of ashes.

Aurora, Batesville Options and Kelco hardwood urns can be personalized in various ways. Many people choose to have the name of the departed and important dates engraved on the urn. This is an option for any of our hardwood cremation urns.

After selecting any hardwood urn, click on "Engraving Type" to pick the style of lettering you want to use. Other personalizations are available. You can add a family emblem or create your own custom engraved design. Just click on "Engraving Information" for additional information.

Once you decide on the personalization that works best with your chosen hardwood urn and have entered your engraving details, click on the "Add to Cart" button. Now you can proceed to the checkout or continue shopping. Any questions? We can help!

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call us at 1-888-222-5955 or email us at . Standard delivery is included in the hardwood urn prices. Ask about our overnight and 2-3 day delivery! For details, see our Sales & Delivery Policy below:

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